Pacific Coast Chapter Archive

The Chapter Archive consists of several large photographic and documentary collections donated by members and their survivors. These collections consist of photographs and negatives, timetables, books, posters and many other items of railroad memorabilia.

The David L. Joslyn Collection

Mr. Joslyn is pictured in front of the C. P. Huntington freshly painted out of the SP shops. Originally this engine was Central Pacific #3. It was renumbered SP #1 when the Central Pacific became the Southern Pacific Railroad . The C. P. Huntington is currently on display at the California State Railroad Museum in old town Sacramento, California.

Mr. Joslyn worked in the Design and Drafting Department at the Southern Pacific Sacramento General Shop. In 1930 he developed and designed a 6-chime whistle that became the SP standard, and was used on the most classes of locomotives, except switch engines.

The "yard goats,” as the switchers were called, used a shorter and more shrill whistle. The later streamlined Daylight GS class 4-8-4s used a deep sounding Hancock 3-chime.

Mr. Joslyn was an early photographer by hobby. He then became the SP's "official" photographer in the era when 8" x 10" glass plates were still used as negatives. He later switched to "8 x 10" film negatives. He photographed rebuilt and new locomotives along with passenger and freight cars when they were out-shopped, and also documented the shops themselves with photographic coverage. In 1924-25 he

wrote an overview history of the CP-SP railroad and a history of the Sacramento General Shops. These are excellent references. The multi-chapter story was printed in the "Southern Pacific Bulletin."

This photo show the "C.P. Huntington," SP #1, on display at the Sacramento Shop complex, along with road freight
The Joslyn Collection contains some of our oldest photographs of Southern Pacific equipment in the Chapter's archive collection. Here are a few samples of some unique SP rolling stock.
SP #10 was called "Dinkey." It was used as a shop switcher in Los Angeles ~ circa 1910.

Locomotive, SP #1003 ~ Sacramento 1902
Switcher, SP # 107 ~ Los Angeles 1910
Locomotive, SP # 1010 ~ Sacramento, circa 1902

SP # 1826 ~ Sacramento, 1918. This handsome Mogul road engine has a fresh coat of paint and is ready to go.
Many of Mr. Joslyn's photographs are of new or refurbished rolling stock worked on at the Sacramento Shops.

The Fred A. Stindt Collection

Mr. Fred Stindt was one of the founders and Charter Members of the Pacific Coast Chapter. He served over 50 years in the positions of leadership in the Chapter and in the national Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. The Chapter began collecting historical locomotives and rolling stock after its formation in 1937. The Chapter’s goal was to have a railroad museum displaying the railroads of the West. The Chapter devoted many years to collecting and preserving over forty rare locomotives and cars. In 1969 the Chapter donated these items to the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation. This collection formed the core of the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM), which celebrated its grand opening in 1981 in Sacramento, California.

Collecting, preservation and restoration of railroad equipment continued after the opening of the Railroad Museum. Many Chapter members continued to contribute their time and efforts in restoration projects and support for the CSRM.


STD6-2053 Mr. Stindt is pictured here in 1988 with the newly restored and freshly painted SP Diesel #5208 by the Sacramento Shop buildings.

In addition to the Chapter activity Mr. Stindt pursued another, personal project. He endeavored to photograph and collect photos of every steam and diesel locomotive operated by the Southern Pacific Railroad. There are over 13,000 images that have been catalogued in the Fred Stindt collection. These images are primarily portraits of Southern Pacific and Texas & New Orleans (T&NO) locomotives, both steam and diesel. The collection includes some rolling stock, a few structures and a few action photos. The early portraits are black and white negatives from 116 film. Some later diesel photos are available in color from 35 mm film.

Early in the days of railroading the State of Texas had a very interesting law. Any railroad operating in the state of Texas had to be incorporated in that state. The Texas & New Orleans Railroad was actually a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, operating across the state of Texas. Locomotives operating east of El Paso, Texas, under the name of Texas & New Orleans, were numbered from 1 to 999. Southern Pacific locomotives operating west of El Paso, Texas, were numbered from 1000 to 9999. Mr. Stindt and other railroad photographers would exchange photos to add to their collections. Some photos in the Stindt collection are taken by other photographers and so noted in the catalog when known.




This photo of T&NO Locomotive #439 was taken by Harold Vollrath, who spent many years with the Texas & New Orleans Railroad ~ Lafayette, LA, February 1947


T&NO Locomotive #870, also taken by Mr. Vollrath at Lafayette, LA, May 1950.

SP # 1760 at Los Angeles, CA 1935
SP # 1644 at Los Angeles, CA circa 1930
SP # 5023 at Tucson, Arizona 1937
SP # 2453 at San Francisco, CA 1952
SP # 6448 at Roseville, CA 1968
Shown in A-B-B-A Set
SP # 5304 at Colton, CA Locomotive
Service Facility, 1987
The Roundhouse at Bakersfield, CA 1954
The "New Depot" at Belmont, CA 1956
A classic Depot at Burlingame, CA 1975

Train #201 at Live Oak, California
And Last, but not Least, SP #4449. The Daylight engine, also known
as "The Queen," pulling an excursion train in the mid-1950's.
Fortunately this engine is still running today and is permanetly housed in Portland, Oregon.

The catalogs (text only) for the Joslyn Collection and the Fred Stindt collection are available on CD for $10.00 each. The Fred Stindt catalog is composed of several categories, each in a separate database: SP Steam Locomotives , SP Diesel Locomotives, and T&NO Steam and Diesel Locomotives, and some Western Pacific.

Photographic prints from each of these collections may be ordered. Consult the "Contacts" section of this website for more information.


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